The Sharpener is a small family owned business emphasizing personal care for each individual. We are one of the few companies that will still come to you and sharpen many items on-site. Any item that can't be done on-site we will gladly take to the shop, sharpen and return at no additional charge.($50 minimum please)

     Whether you are a home owner with a block of knives, or the largest restaurant in Atlanta, you  

  will receive the same superior sharpening service.  

     We offer chefs/cooks knife rental with personal delivery/pick-up for all the restaurantuers out there. No more hassling with buying any overpriced knives and scheduling a sharpening appointment. The Sharpener offers the best hassle free knife rental program available!

------We sharpen shears/scissors for many hairdressers, animal groomers, industrial fabric companies, and for large industry farm and agriculture needs. We will keep your aviation snips in tip top shape and your lawn mower blade will feel like brand new. -------

     Need to trim those hedges or just prune the flowers? We will make sure the edge is sharp and ready to work for you!
        Jones Sharpening also services and repairs all equipment for animal groomers all around the world! Did the heating element in your stand dyer go out? Or do you just need your blade drive changed? Either way, we've got you covered! Quickly and efficiently. Call us today and allow us to sharpen your image today!